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Сайт онлайн казино буи

Would you rather win the lottery but have to spend it all in one day or triple your current salary forever.

Would you rather someone see all the photos in your phone or read all your text messages. Related: 250 Never Have I Ever Questions121. Would you rather have a South Park-themed wedding or a Family Guy-themed funeral. Would you rather celebrate the Fourth of July with Taylor Swift or Сайт онлайн казино буи with Mariah Carey. Would you rather only be able to listen to one song for the rest of your life or only be able to watch one movie for the rest of your life.

Сайт онлайн казино буи you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie ever again. Would сайт онлайн казино буи rather live a peaceful life in a small cabin in the woods or a drama-filled life in a mansion in a big city. Would you rather never get a игры на баллы с выводом денег ever again or never be stuck in traffic ever again.

Would you rather be tall and average looking or three feet tall but beautiful. Would you rather visit the International Space Station for a week or spend a week in a hotel at the bottom of the ocean. Would you rather confess to cheating on your partner or catch your partner cheating on you. Would you rather have all traffic lights you approach сайт онлайн казино буи green or never have to stand in line again.

Would you rather share an onscreen kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney. Would you rather never eat Christmas cookies ever again or never eat Halloween candy ever again. Would you rather знакомства в онлайн рулетка every weekend indoors or spend every weekend outdoors. Would you rather party with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Сайт онлайн казино буи or with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Would you rather give up wine for a year or drink nothing but wine for a year. Would you rather start a colony on another planet or be the leader of a country on Earth.

Would you rather live in a house haunted by friendly ghosts or be a ghost сайт онлайн казино буи your average day after you die. Would you rather have one wish granted today or 10 wishes granted 20 years from now. Would you rather get hit on by someone 20 years older than you or someone 20 years younger than you. Would you rather never have a wedgie or never have anything stuck in your teeth ever again. Would you rather sing karaoke сайт онлайн казино буи Gwen Stefani or with Kelly Clarkson.

Would you rather go back to kindergarten with everything you know now or know now everything сайт онлайн казино буи future self will learn.

Would you rather take a pill a day for nutrients and to feel full, but never eat anything again or eat whatever you want but never really feel full. Would you rather be an unknown сайт онлайн казино буи or an infamous villain. Would you rather binge-watch Sex And the City or Girls.]



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